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Banana bread

Savor Mini Banana Bread Perfection

Discover our freshly baked banana bread, created with the best ingredients and delightful flavors. Every bite carries love and joy.

Welcome to Ms T's Bakery, Where The Banana Bread Is Always Fresh And Delicious

Craving mouthwatering banana bread in Houston, TX, and nearby areas like Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, and Richmond? Discover Ms T's Bakery, where locally sourced ingredients and perfected recipes ensure a delicious experience in every bite.

Strawberry Chocolate Banana Bread

Order your favorite banana bread now for delivery or pickup.

Blueberry Minis Banana Bread

Discover our range of flavors, toppings, and add-on choices.

Double Chocolate Minsi Banana Bread

Treat your corporate team or clients with our delightful banana bread.

Made With Passion & Love

At Ms T's Bakery, our home bakery is the harmonious blend of passion and baking expertise, resulting in the most exquisite banana bread experience in Houston, TX. Ijeoma, the driving force behind it all, infuses every creation with her heart and soul, ensuring that each bite embodies sheer bliss

What sets Ms T's Bakery banana bread apart is our steadfast dedication to quality and the careful selection of the finest ingredients. With unwavering attention to detail, each item is meticulously handcrafted, radiating not only love but also a distinctive charm that tantalizes taste buds and leaves an indelible mark.

Banana Bread
Banana Bread
Todd Q
The vegan, oatmeal raisin, and plain flavors are light and delicious. Just the right amount of sugar.

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